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Frequently Asked Questions


For any information you may not be able to locate on the website or for technical issues you may encounter, please contact us on


  • I applied online, but I have not received a confirmation email.

Please check if the email is in the spam file of your inbox.

  • I have applied for the Seminar in the past, but was not selected. Can I re-apply this year?

Yes. You must, however, submit a new application this year.

  • May I also submit my diplomas, publications and any other relevant documents as attachments?

No, please only attach the required documents: CV, motivation letter and two recent letters of recommendation.

  • I have problems attaching the documents required.

Please try again or send the attachments by email to


  • What are the language requirements for participating in the courses?

Participants must have a good working knowledge of English and French in order to be able to follow the lectures. You are not required to provide us with official language proficiency certificates when applying.

  • Are the lectures simultaneously interpreted?

Simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Spanish will be provided for the plenary meetings held at UNOG. However, several events in the programme of the Seminar (in particular those taking place outside) may not have interpretation. It is therefore advisable to have good working knowledge of English and French.


  • Is it possible to attend only part of the Seminar or only those sessions that are of particular interest to me?

No. If selected, you must attend the Seminar in its entirety, without exceptions.

  • As participant, how may I prepare for the Seminar?

You will be required to do advance reading on pertinent agenda items to be discussed by the ILS and the ILC.

  • Will I receive a diploma at the end of the Seminar?

Yes. Upon completion of the three-week Seminar with full participation and attendance, an official diploma signed by the Director of the Seminar, the Director-General of UNOG and the Chairman of the ILC will be awarded to the participant during an official ceremony on the last day of the Seminar.


  • How do I apply for fellowship?

Request for stipend is on the application form with justification included in the letter of motivation.

  • What does the stipend cover and how is paid to the participants?

It covers accommodation, meals and miscellaneous. Participants will receive the stipend, in two instalments, upon their arrival in Geneva.


  • To obtain a visa, I need an official attestation from the UN

Upon request, we can assist participants in obtaining a biometric visa for entry into Switzerland by providing participants with an official attestation letter for the competent Swiss Embassy. Any costs associated with the obtention of a biometric visa for entry into Switzerland must be borne by participants.


  • Is there a dress code during the Seminar?

There is no official dress code during the Seminar. Business casual is however what we would wear to work.

  • Are there any social events organized?

Participants may be invited to formal events organized within the framework of the ILC. There will be informal events organized by the ILS team in the evenings from time to time.

  • I have been selected as participant and looking for practical information on Geneva (accommodation, transport, etc.)

Login details will be given to you to access a private space on the website where you may find the necessary information.

  • Will I have access to the library of the United Nations Office at Geneva?

Yes. All participants will have access to the library and a visit of the library will be organized during the first week of the Seminar.