Selection process

The 25 participants in the Seminar are selected through a Selection Committee that is composed of three officials of the United Nations with a background in international law.  The Selection Committee is usually chaired by an outside eminent person (usually a Geneva-based Professor of Public International Law or Humanitarian Law).  The members of the Selection Committee choose an average of six candidates from different countries from four geographic regions (Africa, America, Asia/Middle East and Europe) and are guided by the following criteria:

  • Legal experience and academic background
  • Usefulness of the Seminar for the career of the applicant and for his/her country
  • Good knowledge of at least two of the three working languages of the Seminar (English, French, Spanish)
  • Adequate gender balance
  • Availability of funds for fellowships.

All applications will be considered, but the Selection Committee does not disclose the motivation of its choices and decisions are final and cannot be appealed.