ILS Alumni Network


The International Law Seminar Alumni Network was formally launched, at the initiative of former participants, and held its first General Assembly at the United Nations Office at Geneva ,on 17 July 2018.  The Honorary Board of Directors of the Network comprises four members of the Commission, Ms. Patricia Galvão Teles, Mr. Mahmoud Hmoud, Mr. Shinya Murase, Mr. Pavel Sturma , as well as Mr. Marcelo Kohen, Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. The Executive Committee has five members consisting of Ms. Verity Robson, President; Mr. Moritz Rudolf, Vice-President for Outreach and Publicity; Ms. Valeria Reyes Menéndez, Vice-President for Internal Relations; Ms. Mary Chong Vice-President for Seminars and Conferences; and Mr. Vittorio Mainetti, Secretary-General. The signing of the Statute by members of the Honorary Board of Directors and Executive Committee took place at the end of the General Assembly.